Haiti Solidarity Club Hosts Concert

On Friday, December 6, Haiti Solidarity Club hosted a concert to raise money for Los Altos’ sister school SOPUDEP. The club raised $608 in total.

Audience members walked into the Los Altos Youth Center auditorium to find it decked out in streamers and Haitian art. Audience members purchased food and drinks to raise money for the event and listened to performers sing, tell jokes and play the guitar. Bands and performers included the 37th Parallel, Alyssa Abe, David Courter, Zach Gospe, Jacob Kidd, David Klein, Zach Klein and additional walk-on performers.

“I think that the highlight was just the turn out,” concert organizer senior Kimberlyn Tilley said. “We had about a 100 people total and it was really kind of a community… with everyone sitting together and cheering on the musicians.”

The money raised will go to SOPUDEP School in Haiti, where it will be used to fund programs for the students. Later this year, Los Altos students will travel to Haiti to work on various projects to improve the sister school.

Haiti Solidarity Club is happy with the success of the concert.

“I think it was an awesome experience to have,” Kimberlyn said. “Overall … it turned out pretty well and we had a good amount of support from the Los Altos High community.”