Haiti Solidarity Club Hosts Benefit Concert

The Haiti Solidarity Club hosted a benefit concert at the Los Altos Youth Center yesterday, April 6. All proceeds went to FOPAD, an elementary school in Port-au-Prince that provides educational resources for 450 children whose families were stricken by the earthquake in 2010. The club said that without the school, the children would not be able to afford an education.

According to teacher and club adviser Seth Donnelly, the event made well over $1,000. More than a hundred people attended the concert to see Picture Atlantic, a local Bay Area band that came out to support the cause. The money is going to help FOPAD pay for its rent in Haiti as well as provide food and supplies for its students.

“[The concert] turned out wonderfully,” Co-president senior Ellie Baer said. “We had a good amount of people show up, and the energy was amazing.”

Senior Johnny Henriquez, an active member of the club, orchestrated the event by contacting Picture Atlantic as well as coordinating the event to be held at the LAYC.

The organization One Dollar For Life said that with a health epidemic looming and the rainy season approaching, Haiti is in dire need of help. The Haiti Solidarity Club meets regularly to work towards its goals of supporting Haitian contacts financially while raising awareness about the Haitian people’s political, economic and social situations.