Haiti Solidarity Club Hosts Art Auction and Meeting

The Students for Haiti Solidarity Club held a silent Haitian art auction in the school cafeteria and an informative meeting/tribute in the auditorium today, April 7.

Along with social studies teacher and activist Seth Donnelly, the club put on a successful night of fundraising and awareness.

After the silent auction, the group moved into the auditorium, where the club showed an informative film created by seniors Ian Glasner and Greg Dwulet, with assistance by senior Kelly Mahncke. Following the film were testimonies from senior Libby Strichartz and junior Audrey Cashen. Ian performed a poem, which was followed by a song/rap performed by seniors Emilien Fritsch, Jose Rodriguez, Martin Luna and Miguel Carrillo and junior Johnny Henriquez.

The night’s guest speakers included Rea Dol, the house mother of the students who visited Haiti, and Pierre Labossiere, who helped the students plan and organize. Rea Dol is the principal of a Port-au-Prince SOPUDEP school, which LAHS Principal Wynne Satterwhite and others hopes to make a sister school.

The Students for Haiti Solidarity Club, along with many other school clubs, including the Black Student Union, the Latino Student Union, and ODFL, all joined together to raise funds and bring to life the Haitian Proverb “men anpil chay pa lou” or “many hands make the load lighter.”

With all their efforts, many thanks went out to all the parents helping out, all of the teachers who spread the word of help, and all the students who went to Haiti and have been actively involved.

“Be the media that the mainstream media is not,” Donnelly said.