Haiti Club Presentation Reviews Progress this School Year

The Haiti Solidarity club’s final event of the school year, held on Tuesday, May 20 in the Eagle Theatre, was a presentation that focused on the work the club did this year, particularly the February Haiti trip. The presentation discussed the organizations the club helped this year, and included a question answer period at the end.

“The goal of this presentation was to educate families more on what our club does and to inspire students to go on future trips,” senior Kimberlyn Tilley said.

Though the focus was on education, Haitian art and music were also sold as part of a final fundraiser before the Haiti trip in June. Students had purchased the art on trips and then donated the art to the club so it could be resold. The music specifically was bought from a band the club members had met in a tent city called Camp Akra in Port au Prince.

The year is not yet completely over for the club as there is still the June trip, but the club feels much has been accomplished thus far.

“There is so much we accomplished this year, from bringing down nearly $30,000 on our February trip to successfully starting our local produce garden,” Kimberlyn said. “The club has grown immensely and there are a lot of juniors that have developed the leadership over the year to lead the club next year when the seniors are gone.”

The focus for the 2014-15 school year will be to increase turnout at fundraisers.