Hack Club Starts Website Building Program for Other Clubs


Hack Club member Kung-Min Lin collaborated with Green Team members to make greenteam.lahs.club, shown above. Hack Club started a program, get.lahs.club, to offer clubs on campus free websites.

By Kristen Fan, Staff Writer

The Hack Club implemented a new program, get.lahs.club, that provides free websites for clubs. Along with serving the school, the program will give Hack Club members opportunities to learn how to improve their coding skills.

Although the clubs work with the member that is building the website for them, they do not have to go through the hassle of designing it. Similar to bell.lahs.club, a website created by an alumnus to see the remaining time in a period, the club hopes the program can serve the same importance by helping to optimize the club’s resources to better the school.

Clubs can access a permission form on the website get.lahs.club with their adviser’s permission. There, they fill out an online form asking for name, club name and requests for the design. After submitting, one interested Hack Club member will contact them to discuss future details like color scheme, layout and other basic framework. Each webpage’s link will end in lahs.club.

“We came up with the idea and we first created the domain,” Hack Club President junior Jamsheed Mistri said. “Then we created a basic idea of the club where the President will fill out a form and we would put it in our Slack, which is our communication system. Whoever [in our club] wants to build it, during the meetings we would go ahead and start building it and work on it for a couple weeks.”

Jamsheed invested $5 a month for a server for all club websites and $10 a year to buy the domain lahs.club.

Through the program, Hack Club members can learn how to use website templates from html5up.net. If they are interested, Jamsheed or other team officers will help club members through the process to give the programmer a better understanding of how to apply those skills into real world situations.  

The team hopes to build off this project and create a news site that will include all clubs’ meeting dates and events.

“It would be a lot easier for clubs to get the word out about different things they’re doing without having to go through the pain of filling out an announcement slip every time they do something they want to tell the school about,” sophomore Rebecca Swernofsky said.