Grill Found in Pool During Water Polo Practice

During yesterday’s boy’s water polo practice, the team was greeted with an unusual surprise; a grill was found lying in the bottom of the pool, while sandy debris floated on the surface of the water.

The grill had been taken from behind the culinary classroom.

Automotive teacher Greg Ely explained the problem with pranks like this.

“Yeah, someone threw something into the pool,” Ely said.  “They think it’s funny. It’s not.”

Since the plaster which makes up the actual surface of the pool is thin, throwing heavy objects makes holes in it, rusting the rebar underneath when the water gets in. The school maintenance staff will have to drain the pool to repair it at the end of this year, which will cost the school a lot of money to do so, according to Ely.

Also, the sand and ash that were thrown in with the grill clogged the pool filtration system. Ely had to change the filter, as the system was not circulating water.