Green Team Raises Environmental Awareness at Lunch

Electric car owners and representatives from local environmental advocacy groups came to school to raise awareness of the environment today, April 18. Green Team organized the event, and a similar one will take place tomorrow.

Organizations that came included Mountain View Trees and Green Town Los Altos. Mountain View Trees enhances Mountain View’s urban forest and increases tree appreciation. Green Town Los Altos focuses on water and energy conservation and waste reduction.

Both organizations sent representatives to set up small stands to provide information for students. They also had sign-up sheets to give students volunteer opportunities at their organizations.

Two of the electric vehicles presented were a 1982 Dodge Rampage and 2008 Tesla Roadster. Bay Area resident Doug Bremtlinger self-customized his Rampage to be all-electric 13 years ago, and showed the adjustments he made to the truck to students passing by.

His reason for coming to school today was “just to show electric vehicles work … we’ve got to cut fossil fuel use.”

“[The presentations] were good,” junior Emil Annevelink said. “It’s good for people to see that electric vehicles work and that they should not just rely on gas and fossil fuels.”

[photos by Mya Ballin]