Green Team Promotes Environmental Awareness in Quad

The Los Altos Green Team held activities in the quad during lunch on Monday, April 23 and Tuesday, April 24.

The team put together the different exhibitions to commemorate the 2012 Earth Day, which took place last Sunday, April 22.

“In spirit of Earth Day, we decided to promote environmental awareness in school by basically bringing a bunch of local organizations into the quad,” Green Team President senior Adron Mason said.

The goal of the two exhibitions was to remind LAHS students about the world’s current environmental issues and get them informed on how to participate and stay active in improving the city’s environmental status.

“For the past two days we’ve had environmental groups, owners of green cars and other local activists in the quad promoting environmental awareness,” Adron said. “We asked questions, talked to local environmental activists and basically asked how they could get involved and what little things they can do to help the environment.”

The exhibitions also featured battery-electric cars such as the Tesla Roadster and brought along Recology, which is the agency that runs recycling and compost programs for LAHS.

[Photos by Amelia Evard and Ciera Pasturel]