Green Team Petitions for Change

There are 35 people in the school who commit to printing on both sides of the paper, reusing their water bottles and recycling everything that could possibly be recycled. These people make up the school’s Green Team, and they meet in room 708 at lunch every other Thursday.

“It’s a student-based club with people who have a passion for the environment working to make a more environmentally friendly school,” Vice President sophomore Flora Champenois said.

Every other Tuesday during tutorial, club members volunteer to collect recycling from classrooms. Meetings are spent decorating cardboard recycling boxes, making posters for whatever project they are taking on and discussing future plans.

“We have a lot of dedicated members, so we become proactive and do, not just talk,” Flora said.

The Green Team is looking into getting the school rooftop solar panels to offset the huge cost of energy that the school must pay.

“We’re trying to offset electrical usage by creating solar panels, which decrease carbon footprints,” club adviser and science teacher Greg Stoehr said.

Since solar panels convert light from the sun directly into electricity, they will save the school a lot of money in the long run.

According to Secretary sophomore Uji Venkat, the team has already talked to Principal Wynne Satterwhite about the panels, though the project is still in its early stages.

Meanwhile, members are busy helping recycle cans and bottles, working on awareness days and organizing weekly environmental “Green Tips” for the school’s morning announcements.

Another way the Green Team is helping is through recycling ink cartridges. Boxes for empty cartridges can be found in the library. The Green Team has made over $150 from the recycled ink cartridges so far.

This year, the club’s plans are to take small measures that will make an overall positive impact on the environment.

“Care about your home; we only have one earth,” Flora said. “[Taking care of] if shouldn’t be a nuisance.”