Green Team Organizes Earth Week

This week, Green Team will be hosting a series of activities and displays in order to promote green practices and raise student awareness of Earth Day.
“[Earth Week’s purpose is] to just let the community take a moment to appreciate everything we have in our current environment and think about how to live with a sustainable style,” Green Team member sophomore Cynthia Wang said.
Today, Monday, April 20, Green Team displayed cars powered by alternative fuels, including Tesla Motors, in the quad at lunch.
Alternative fuel cars, this time including a Tesla roadster, will be displayed again on Tuesday in the quad for any students who did not get a chance to see them.
Tuesday morning, free scones and breakfast bars donated by Whole Foods will be served to students who bike to school between 7 and 8:10 a.m. A solar cooker and a homemade solar panel vehicle will be on display in the quad at lunch.
The week’s main event, the Climate Project presentation, will be held in the Eagle Theatre on Wednesday, from 7 to 9 p.m. This presentation was created by Al Gore and will be delivered by Scott Catamas, an Emmy Award-winning director, writer and producer.
Catamas was trained by Gore on the Climate project and has produced over 100 different programs that have been broadcast nationally on networks such as FOX, HBO and NBC.
For more information regarding Earth Week, students can listen to the daily announcements and check out the display case throughout the week.