Green Team hosts event to makes Los Altos greener, one tree at a time


Courtesy Michael Young

A group of students plant trees as part of a Green Team collaboration with Green Town Los Altos.

Not only do trees help fight climate change, they also benefit Los Altos citizens by providing much needed shade when summer rolls around. Green Team is aware of these benefits, which is why they are involved in tree planting events with local environmental nonprofit GreenTown Los Altos (GTLA). 

The tree planting initiative has been going on for nearly three years, and GTLA, the organizer of the event, has been consistently collaborating with Green Team for volunteers. 

Green Team took part in its most recent event on Saturday, January 21 and Sunday, January 22. 

“I really enjoyed it,” junior Kelly O’Neil said. “It’s a nice way to help the environment and invite a few friends.” 

This collaboration with GTLA allows LAHS students who have a shared interest in aiding the environment to collaborate and connect by giving back to the Los Altos community. Planting trees is one way Green Team has been taking steps towards their goal to make Los Altos more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

“Teens love getting out in nature,” Green Team Co-President and  junior Aarthi Venkatraman said. “GreenTown Los Altos wants to help get youth involved as well because they are an adult-targeting organization. It’s a nice bridge.”

Senior Wesley Mascenik has benefited from the bridge formed between these two environmentalist communities. Wesley has volunteered for about 40 tree planting events, and continued volunteering with classmates after joining Green Team.

“The reason I joined this club was because since about freshman year, I’ve been doing tree plantings,” Wesley said. “It’s a good experience.” 

These events are part of the GTLA campaign to plant 500 trees throughout Los Altos. Since 2022 began, they have successfully planted 300 trees, and are planning to plant more. 

Green Team meets every Wednesday in room 708. For more information on their mission and future events, visit @lahsgreenteam on Instagram.