Green Team Holds Special Events for Earth Week

The Green Team has been involved in hosting a series of special events for this week’s Earth Week festivities. Today, the Green Team exhibited a fully electric car, the Fisker Karma, a display of ingenious engineering and design with solar panels located above and across the sunroof.

In addition to the electric automobile display, the Green Team also sold cookies and exhibited their specialized solar oven. The solar providers exhibited the functions and perks of the oven, and showed how to derive biomass fuel from waste. Students were very much intrigued with the exhibits, circling around the products and participating in Q and A.

“What we had today was a roulette wheel kind of event,” junior Maggie Kristian said. “Students would spin in and depending on what color they got, they would answer a question from  a variety of topics for candy.”

For the next two days, the Green Team will continue to host events that cover new, energy efficient and eco-friendly technologies. Tomorrow, the Green Team plans on exhibiting Tesla and Nissan Leaf automobiles in the quad during lunch. Wednesday will finish off earth week celebrations with the monthly CFCC (Carbon Free Commute Challenge).

“For the Carbon Free Commute Challenge, we will be handing out tickets to anyone who walks, bikes or takes the bus to school, and we’ll raffle off prizes at lunch,” Maggie said.