Green Screen Workshop Teaches Students to Film

Introduced by librarians Gordon Jack and Christine Bridges, the Green Screen Workshop will be taking place in the Make Space area in the library. Students will be able to use a green screen, a camera and a computer with editing software to create their own films for classes that require a film project.

“You kind of make your videos more engaging, learn a bit of new technology that you can use in the future and have fun,” Jack said.

The Make Space area was created to replace the conference rooms, where students were able to work on projects in a quiet and private place. The area is separated from the rest of the library with a set of curtains and is situated next to the librarians’ office and desk area.

“It kind of takes away some of the chaos in the library,” Jack said.

Signups for the Green Screen Workshops were open this week but students do not have to have signed up to take part in the workshop. The actual workshop will take place on Tuesday, November 27. Once students are comfortable with the process, they will be able to request usage of the area to film their own projects.

“We’ll see how popular it is and then we’ll probably put out a couple other workshops throughout the year, trying to tie them to either specific assignments or projects that the students have in their other classes,” Jack said.

Other possible ideas for a workshop are a book salon, where authors can come in and have a luncheon with students, and a writing group. Students can submit their ideas for workshops based on what they would like to learn. Students who would like to submit an idea should talk to Jack in the library.