Graffiti Found at Back of School

On the morning of Sunday, March 1, graffiti was discovered by students near the back of the school. The graffiti was located at the back of the girls’ locker room and gym, and also was drawn on the shed near the tennis courts.
While the majority of this year’s campus graffiti incidents have been gang-related, the most recent graffiti consisted of giant images of STD-riddled genitalia and offensive statements against a student at the school. However, the administration procedures will deal with it as it does for all graffiti.
“No matter what the point of the graffiti is, the school’s goal is for immediate and complete removal…it’s terrible,” Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson said.
The vandal is currently unknown, although his or her motives seem to have been grudge-related.
According to Dawson, if the vandal is located, he or she will have to pay for the costs of labor and paint for removing the graffiti, or restitution.
The situation was reported to Dawson soon after the initial sighting. The Los Altos Police Department also came to the vandalized site to file a report on the incident, although public information concerning the graffiti is currently unavailable.