Golf Team Places Fourth in Leagues

The golf team placed fourth in leagues, signaling an end to its run this season.

After losing strong competitors who graduated last year, the team used this year as an opportunity for reinvention with new coach, math teacher Matthew Chaffee. Junior Spencer Katchman said that his favorite part of the season was working with Chaffee.

Spencer ended his final season after advancing farther than he did last year.

“I didn’t play so well, so I didn’t advance,” Spencer said. “I improved compared to last year, since last year I didn’t make the league tournament, but I still wish I played better.”

The team remains optimistic for next year’s season. With a lot of fresh, young talent, the team has a lot of opportunity for growth.

“We are a young team consisting of freshmen and juniors,” junior Kelsey Kawaguchi said. “Everyone worked hard throughout the season and we will better next year.”