Golf Team Holds Fundraiser

This Sunday, November 17, the school’s golf team held a fundraiser at Shoreline Golf Course to raise money for the upcoming golf season. The tickets were $45 for kids under 18, and $90 for adults.

This is the first fundraising golf tournament the school has ever held.

“The [company that owns the Shoreline golf course] has their own foundation,” Matthew Chaffee, head coach of the golf team said. “The public relations person for this company reached out to me to have a golf tournament and offered to help us with it. She encouraged me to do it and that’s how I got the ball rolling.”

Fifty six individuals attended the fundraiser, and 36 of them were adults. Many of the people present were friends and family members of the players on the golf team.

“For every adult that signed up our golf team received a profit of $27,” Chaffee said. “But we didn’t make any money from the kids under 18 who played.”

In addition to selling tickets, the golf course also raffled off a driver, a type of golf club.

“[The golf course] is going to give us the difference of how much money they made in raffle prices minus the actual cost of the driver,” Chaffee said.

The golf course also held a smaller raffle at the end of the fundraiser, in which they auctioned off gift certificates from local businesses and golf related trinkets.

The exact amount of money made is not known, but Chaffee estimates it was approximately $1500. This money will go towards mitigating expenses for parents of kids on the golf team.

“If we go to the driving range, [parents] have to pay for a bucket of balls and then last year, the parents also had to pay for the shirts the kids got, and whatever golf balls they used in matches and tournaments,” Chaffee said. “So my goal was to raise enough money so that the parents did not have to pay for any of that [this year].”

The fundraiser may mark the start of an annual tradition for the school’s golf team.