God Make Air, Man Make Air Freshener

The Talon Looks at the Best the Air Freshener Industry Has to Offer

Garbage on its way into the trash can, sweat after an hour-long sports practice and soggy socks on the bedroom floor (a week after splashing in the puddles) can leave just about anything stained with a horrible stench. But any odor, no matter how strong, can be eliminated with a simple touch of a button or a quick spray.

The Talon takes a look at the best odor removers in the industry and which get the job done.

Renuzit Subtle Effects
Renuzit offers a wide variety of products, including simple sprays to remove odors and adjustable cones to release just the rights amount of scent throughout the day.

Its Cool Morning Air Subtle Effects bottle sprays a lemony mist strong enough to eliminate the odors. Unlike many sprays, which leave a strong scent that easily infiltrates the nasal passage to a point of annoyance, the Subtle Effects are much mellower, like the Creme Frappuccino compared to the regular blended drink.

Febreze Air Effects
Though odors are the primary reason for spraying any solution, Febreze may be the one solution worth spraying in even the cleanest rooms.

Like their ads on TV show, they make sniffing a carpet worth it. One ad even details someone holding up the line in their family bathroom as they continually spray and sniff the scent.

Their products come in numerous scents, including Apple Spice & Delight and Meadows & Rain. The Lavender Vanilla & Comfort Air Effect is soothing and releases just a pinch of vanilla to the air.

Air Wick Scented Oil Water
By far the most innovative technique, Air Wick, like many other companies, has come out with a line of plug-in odor removers which claim to provide “Hidden Pleasures.” The white frame easily blends in against any white wall and hides scented oil candles within it. Unfortunately, due to the “plug-in” aspect, it lacks portability and can’t just be kept around for when needed. The disappointing element of the product is realizing once you’ve already gotten home and opened it is that the scented oils are sold separately.

Washing Detergent (A Handful of It)
While expensive bottles, candles and plug-ins may elicit and aromatic scent, the cheapest and simplest way to get rid of any foul odor is using a handful of detergent. Not an option usually considered, sticking a bag of detergent (preferably one with a strong scent) under the car seat or couch cushion cleans out the foul odors and refreshes passengers every morning. The only catch is remembering it is there before it spills all over your car mat.