Give Your Friends Handmade Products, Stress Free

Having San Francisco just a short train ride away not only gives us access to Union Square or Pier 39, but to artists from across the bay. If you’re planning to head up to the bay or have no idea what to give your friends and family for the holidays, then San Francisco has the solution: craft fairs.

I think shopping at craft fairs kills around three birds with one stone. You’re getting something that’s handmade—handmade products are known to possess more sentimental value than those made in China. And because it’s handmade, there is no other product that exists like it, so your gifts will truly be one-of-a-kind. My favorite reason to check out these craft fairs is that the money goes directly back to the person who designed and created your product (this is for those of us who worry about child labor and exploitation). If you still aren’t convinced, however (I guess I’m on the fourth bird), it’s just fun to see what your community is creating and to have a new place to explore with your friends.

Bazaar Bizarre primarily will have Etsy sellers from the Bay Area, whereas the Renegade Craft fair classifies itself as more “indie.” Either way, check out the flyers, and the fairs!

Image Sources:, SF Etsy: San Francisco Etsy Bay Area Team