Girls Water Polo Loses 4-7 to Los Gatos

The varsity girls water polo team faced Los Gatos High School this evening in a home game, where the Eagles lost 4-7. Co-captain senior Ally Bakos and junior Jenna Gavenman each scored two goals.

The team dealt with the absence of key player junior Casey Vanneman, who was out performing in “Happy Daze”, the Broken Box production of “Happy Daze.”

“We definitely had a big setback,” goalie sophomore Romy Aboudarham said. “We lacked a very valuable player, Casey, who plays offense and helps me out a lot on defense.”

The girls cited difficulties with motivation as hindrance to their progress.

“We beat Los Gatos last time, lost to them this time,” Jenna said. “We beat Homestead last time, lost to them this time. We’re definitely taking a few hits right now, but I’m hoping that we can turn things around and get back into it for league finals and make it to CCS.”

Despite the team’s performance in the last few games, its members remain optimistic.

“I personally don’t feel like the score reflects our team very well,” Ally said. “We’re going to improve and I think that we do have a shot at making it to leagues by the end of the season.”