Girls Volleyball Hopes To Finish Strong

By Kristen Fan, Staff Writer

After a rocky start to the season, the varsity girls volleyball team found a new rhythm, and they’re working to maintain that connection and play with more consistency as they look towards a challenging second act. For many of the Eagles, this is the last year to represent Los Altos.

“Personally, I want to finish the season knowing I left my heart on the court,” co-captain senior Quinn Lavin said. “Not play[ing] volleyball in college will be tough, but this will be the last time I can show what I’m capable of and [the last] chance to represent my school.”

Compared to last season, in which they finished with a standing of 22-15, the girls are striving to improve their current standing and come close to last season’s record. They are still looking to improve on consistency and aggressiveness when they are losing a set. Although seemingly struggling at some points during the season, the Eagles fought hard to consistently push their games to 5 sets, even when their energy was diminishing. Over time, they’ve developed a bond of trust, finding a new level of confidence that they hope will help them improve their record.

“It is important for all teams to have an open dialogue and be very straight up and honest with one another in order to create an understanding and connection throughout the team,” co-captain senior Hanadi Nassif said. “It is important to keep the team in a positive mentality and always bring each other up. Any team that can do this well will do well.”

After playing for a couple of months together and getting used to their dynamic on the court, the girls are working to tighten up their weaknesses in upcoming games. When it comes to low points during matches, the girls strive to have more energy to persevere through rough rotations. Along with that, Head Coach Peter Kim counts on consistency and aggressiveness to win a game.

“We need to improve on the consistency of our plays,” Kim said. “We, like all teams, have our ups and downs during games, but staying consistent and energetic can surely decrease our losses.”

The Eagles are far from giving up as they struggle toward a possible CCS win this season, but they are excited to welcome new players to their family next season.

“I think we will make it to CCS,” sophomore Sydney Entoven said. “From what we’ve been doing, we have a very strong team and strong players.