Girls Volleyball Falls Short 1-3 to Homestead

The girls volleyball team faced off at home tonight against Homestead High School. The girls weren’t able to come away with a victory, falling short 1-3. Despite the final result, the girls fought out each set with great effort.

The first was an intensely close rally, despite the team’s slow start. The score ended with a 25-21 win for Homestead, and gave the opponents an early edge. Homestead came out aggressive in the following set, and led the set the entire way to victory. However, the Eagles started to pick it up defensively in the second set, and looked strong despite the 2-0 deficit.

“I thought we started off a little slower than we wanted to, but we actually built up momentum going into the next sets,” senior Nikki Klepper said.

The Eagles held their ground in the third set, and were able to manage a 25-23 victory to gain a set in the match. The third set was the longest of the match, and the Eagles made it clear they weren’t going to back down. Despite several Homestead rallies, the girls were able to play tough and hit Homestead back even harder with each point, eventually winning the set.

Unfortunately, Homestead won the fourth set by a score of 25-19, and finished the match with a 3-1 set margin. Despite the loss, the team looked strong defensively and competed with determination in every game of the match.

“We had a couple of more hitting errors than we would have wanted to, and we also wanted to read tips a little bit better,” Nikki said. “But for the whole part I think our defense was pretty strong, so we’ll take that into next week and use it to our advantage.”