Girls Tennis Falls to Number One Seed Monta Vista

Girls tennis faced a tough loss against number one seed Monta Vista High School today, November 9, in the third round of CCS. The team received a first round bye in the tournament and dominated its second round matchup against Carmel High School earlier this week.

The format of CCS is different than that of league gameplay. In CCS, every doubles team plays one set against every other opposing doubles team, and every singles team plays against every other opposing singles team. The school that won the most sets wins.

The doubles team of junior Kacey Incerpi and freshman Juliette Martin dominated their set, winning 6-0. The team of freshman Lili Kobayashi and freshman Carina Burdick won their set as well with a solid 6-4 victory. However, the deep Monta Vista squad was able to overpower the Eagles in the end. Monta Vista swept singles and won its other doubles matchup to take the victory.

“Monta Vista was the number one seed in CCS so we weren’t expecting a win,” junior Haley Jones said. “This was the first time the LAHS girls tennis has gone to CCS in 5 years.”

The Eagles’ CCS run was cut short by a tough matchup against Monta Vista, the best team in CCS. The girls endured freezing weather to vie for their CCS hopes, but couldn’t match Monta Vista’s deep lineup.