Girls Tennis Falls to Lynbrook in Close Game

The varsity girls tennis team lost 3-4 in a home match against Lynbrook on Thursday, October 22.

“Honestly, I think the match went a lot better than other matches went,” senior co-captain Niki Mohajer said. “Lynbrook is a tough team so it was pretty impressive that it was such a close match for our two and three doubles only losing by a couple of games.”

Los Altos’ wins came from senior Juliette Martin, freshman Celeste Tran and freshman Krithika Nathamuni, the team’s singles two, three and four players.

“Our singles seem to be playing really, really well,” Niki said. “They are winning by a large margin. Last time we played Lynbrook, we went down pretty quickly, but this time it was a lot tougher break us down. We were trying a lot harder. We were fighting for every point. So it took a while for them to actually break us down. But I think that just means that we are improving.”

Although the match did not turn in Los Altos’ favor, the match between senior co-captain Carina Burdick and Janabelle Wu proved to be a well-fought battle from both sides. After other players were finished with their sets, the team watched in suspense as the ball floated back and forth from all corners of the court. With every serve, the energy and excitement of the match continued to build with well-calculated strokes.

“For the next match, I think we should work on pressure points because a lot of the points that we lost were on deuce,” Niki said. “There’s a lot of pressure on deuce because it could go either way. I also think that it’s important for us to just continue to work on our volleys because they could be stronger.”

Keeping this game in mind, Los Altos’ next home game will be Monday, October 26, against Mountain View.