Girls Softball Crushes Willow Glen to Advance Further in CCS

The varsity softball team crushed Willow Glen High School 5-0 to advance to the second round of CCS today, May 16.

While the Eagles were able to come out strong in the end, they initially had a rough start.

“I think there were a little off at first today, it might have been nerves, but they got over it,” Coach Tom Barrera said.

Senior Ali Goldberg gave up only a couple of hits, striking out three batters. Sophomore Natalie Hollenbaugh nearly matched her, striking out two batters.

“It was also kind of nice to have players in the lower half of the inning hit through,” Barrera said. “We had [senior] Lindsey Axelrod come through with a hit, Nikki Klepper have a hit, and Natalie have a hit.”

While the varsity softball team has dropped no games up until now, it will refrain from becoming overconfident and underestimating its upcoming opponents.

“You just got to take one game at a time,” Barrera said. “I don’t know want them looking ahead because that’s when you underestimate who your playing. So you got to go in there respecting everyone you’re playing.”

In order to make sure that the softball players do not tense up in their match against Gilroy on Saturday, May 19, the future practices will be cool-downs.

“Just trying to get the players to relax a little bit more so that they’re not as tense going into their game,” Barrera said. “We’ll do some relaxing tomorrow, we kind talked about this a little bit, have an easier practice.”