Girls Soccer Ties 0-0 With Palo Alto

The girls varsity soccer team tied with Palo Alto High School 0-0 in a home game yesterday, January 20. Both teams had multiple opportunities to score, but neither converted.

“I think we played really well,” Co-captain senior Sasha Pchenitchnikova said. “We remained positive and composed throughout the entire game, which was a big step up from our previous few season games. I finally feel that we’re playing to our full potential and as an actual team, supporting each other and playing as a unit. I think if we keep playing with this positive mental outlook we will do very well in the coming rest of the season.”

The Eagles had previously tied with Palo Alto in the Palo Alto Winter Classic in early December, but the Vikings won due to penalty kicks.

“Now that we tied them again and really did play a very good game, it shows that we still have the abilities we presented in preseason,” Sasha said. “Next time we need to execute our chances better and actually score. We’re really looking forward for a win in the coming game, we really need one.”

[Photos by Ciera Pasturel]