Girls Soccer Surges to Top of League with Young Talent.

The Eagles have played Los Gatos two times thus far, once in the Palo Alto Winter Classic Tournament and once in the league. They fell 0-1 to the Wildcats in the tournament, but they overwhelmed them 1-0 in the league game. The Eagles have another league game against the Wildcats on Wednesday, February 13. They  hope to qualify for CCS with their outstanding league record and their overall record of  9-2-3.
“We’ve had a great season so far, but we need to keep up our hard work and not lose our focus,” sophomore Allie Crum said. “Our chances of making CCS are very good as of now, but anything can happen.”
The team has overcome many obstacles to reach where it is now. It lost some seniors from last year, who had chosen not to join the team for various reasons. As a result, several young players have stepped up to a more competitive level. The team has managed to turn this seemingly large weakness into an advantage.
The Eagles currently have 11 underclassmen out of its 22 player roster. The three leading goal scorers on the team are all underclassmen: Allie tops the list with six goals, followed by freshman Stephanie Kouvelas with four goals and freshman Tess Wendelken with three goals. The team’s starting goalkeeper is freshman Carrie Wendelken, who has only allowed three goals the entire season.
“Last year we had great players who led the team, and the whole team relied on them,” Allie said. “Since they are gone this year, different people had to step up...It really makes a difference that the team has come together.”
Though the team is having a great season, no team is completely unstoppable. The team will still have to contend with both Mountain View and the league leader Los Gatos.
“We proved we can handle the teams in our league,” Allie said. “Even so, any of the teams can have a great game and surprise us, so we always have to be ready and not overconfident.”