Girls Soccer Falls 1-2 to Saratoga

In an intense game against Saratoga, the girls soccer team fell short with a score of 1-2. However, the Eagles did not go down without a fight.

The team had worked on improving their offensive play all season, and results showed when the forwards created many chances to score. This was also due to good communication between on-field players. The girls’ defense was also solid. Although the varsity goalkeeper was out due to a foot injury, freshman Elena Strawn, who had been pulled up from the junior varsity team, performed well.

“The game was a little frustrating because we played well as a team but made a couple mistakes that ended up costing us the game,” sophomore Haley Jones said. “I think we started the game off a little shaky but ended up playing well. We had a lot of good chances to score but sadly were couldn’t finish them off.”

The lone goal of the game was due to a spectacular cross by sophomore Paige Eller. She had passed the ball to freshman Rebecca Andrews, who had faked out her opponent and passed to freshman Allie Crum with the goal wide open for her to finish off.

For the majority of the game, Saratoga put pressure on the LAHS girls’ defense, threatening them to score many times. Though they were quick to move the ball down the field, they “were somewhat lacking in technical ability,” sophomore Maggie Kristian said. There was controversy over the two goals Saratoga had scored–they were considered to be off-sides, though the side referee did not call it.

“Saratoga is a very powerful team,” Maggie said. “They’re not afraid to push you around, and many of them, particularly number 14 in the defense, had a big foot. They’re also very fit; you don’t outrun them easily and they apply pressure quite well.”

The LAHS girls’ soccer team will play Palo Alto this Friday, February 10 in an away game starting at 3:30 p.m.