Girls Soccer Falls 0-2 to Monta Vista

The girls varsity soccer team played on its home field against the Monta Vista Matadors today, January 6. The Eagles were unable to recover from two early goals in the first half and lost the game 0-2.

Although ball possession shifted frequently during the second half, the goalies and defenders repeatedly managed to grasp the ball at the last instant from the offense’s grip and thwart the opposing team’s attempt.

The Eagles could not score the goals necessary to uplift the team’s spirit and shift the tide in their favor.

“I think we played really well as a team, but in the first half we went down 0-2, and I think we really got ourselves in a hole and we couldn’t ever really recover from that,” defender sophomore Julia Goupil said. “So even though we were the better team, our result didn’t really show that because we gave up some soft goals that we shouldn’t really have given up.”

Although the Eagles lost their previous league game to Los Gatos as well, there are many more opportunities for them to strengthen their position in the league. The Matadors are also a strong team, having placed third in the league last year and reaching the quarterfinals in Division 1 CCS.

The Eagles’ next opponent is Mountain View High School (MVHS) on Wednesday, January 11.