Girls soccer dominates first game in 11-0 win


Rohan Vaswani

Varsity girls soccer team captain, senior Esha Gupta talking with the team at a practice.

With almost an entirely new squad of players this year, the varsity girls soccer team is looking forward to a promising season despite the field scheduling conflicts they faced. They won their first game of the season 11–0 in a scrimmage against San Jose High School on Monday, November 29. 

Due to construction on the soccer field and lack of available turf space, as fall sports such as field hockey and football were still practicing on the football field, the boys and girls soccer teams had to alternate days during tryouts on the baseball field. Despite the difficulties, the team pulled through the tryouts and recruited a diverse pool of new players from all grade levels. 

After tryouts, to accommodate all varsity and JV soccer teams, the girls varsity team currently practices from 6–8 p.m. on the football field, which is an awkward time for many players. 

“Managing a late practice schedule is difficult,” goalkeeper freshman Tyra Bogan said. “It is definitely hard to squeeze in homework between school and practice. But [late practices] means it’s cooler and we get more of the field, so that’s a plus.” 

As the players from different age groups motivate and learn from each other, they also share a common passion for soccer. According to Varsity Girls Soccer Captain Esha Gupta, the team may be the best girls soccer team of the last four years. 

“I think in previous years, people were just [playing soccer] to socialize with friends or get PE credits, but this year, everyone genuinely wants to be there and wants to play,” Esha said. “When you have the mentality, it’s a fun environment. We’re going to get better no matter what.” 

The team’s sweeping victory against San Jose High School speaks to their strength and future successes. 

“It was our first game and we hadn’t really had a cohesive practice because it was right after Thanksgiving break,” Esha said. “But we played well as a team and we just went after it. It was like 5–0 in the first 10 minutes.”

As former JV Boys Soccer Coach Zanin Mahic joins the team as the new head coach for varsity girls soccer this year, he is optimistic about the upcoming season. While the girl’s soccer team is traditionally viewed as an underdog in the league, Mahic believes they can turn the table around this year. 

“Based on the talent that we have this year, and what I’ve seen already, I think we’re going to surprise a lot of people,” Mahic said. “We’re projected to finish the bottom half of the table, but these girls are very, very good.”