Girls Soccer Beats Fremont 3-0

The varsity girls soccer team had an easy win over the Fremont High School Firebirds on Monday, January 28. With one goal in the first half and two more in the second to seal the deal, the Eagles won 3-0.

The game was an expected victory that boosted the Eagles’ league record to 8-2-2. The Eagles kept a tight possession of the ball, and their strong defense helped them to further the lead after the first half. The Eagles solidified their chances of victory after making a second goal midway through the second half of the game.

As the team will be facing tougher competition soon, the game was a good chance to analyze strengths and weaknesses.

“Our biggest weakness is that we need to [take] chances more often,” sophomore Rebecca Andrews said. “We did score three goals, but we had way more chances than that. We need to capitalize more because against tough competition, we cannot afford to waste our chances.”

The team will take on Mountain View High School in a much awaited matchup tomorrow.