Girls Lacrosse Remains Optimistic After Loss to Mountain View

On Friday, April 1, the newly instigated girls lacrosse team lost 2-17 against Mountain View. From the opening face-off, it was evident that Mountain View would control the game. There was a short fumble, and Mountain View secured the ball, moved down the field and scored.

At first, the game was competitive, with both teams running up and down the field. Mountain View’s second foul earned Los Altos an eight meter shot, and freshman Lisa Larson put the ball in the back of the net, tying the game up to 1-1.

After multiple fouls from both teams, and a yellow-card from the opposing team, Mountain View started to control the flow of the game. With a string of cohesive passes, the Spartans jumped out to a 4-1 lead.

Coach Jessica Lappe called a time-out, urging the girls to communicate on the field and cheer their teammates on.

“In the beginning of the half we weren’t talking that much, but in the second half we were talking a lot more and [everyone] started running a lot more and we got more intense,” senior Kyra Kliman said.

Yet, the rest of the half was uneventful for Los Altos. In the final second of the first half, Mountain View scored a buzzer beater, raising the score to 11-1. But away from the state sheet, Los Altos started to slowly progress towards their goal of communicating, watching the open cutter and team positivity. Team moral lifted as the girls started cheering each other on.

“We are staying really positive and learning from each game. Most of these girls are beginners, [so we are] just learning to do multiple things at a time,” Lappe said.

Although Mountain View was in the offensive half of the field for most of the second half, Los Altos was able to score a final goal. Los Altos counterattacked and persisted, keeping the ball in their offensive half. Through an assist by freshman Lily Beck, freshman Katie Radcliffe brought the score up 13-2.  

“It’s a new sport for everyone and we all work hard. We get frustrated at ourselves sometimes but… we’re doing really well as a team,” Larson said. “I hope that we improve as a team together. I don’t expect us to win or anything but just if we all improve together [and] get better at teamwork, it’ll be [fun].”

The game ended with a crushing win for Mountain View, 17-2, but Lappe remained optimistic about the team.

“I want to see [the girls] stepping up, and to understand whatever position they’re in, to know the game,” Lappe said. “[But] seeing them progress is really joyful.”