Girls golf swings to the top

By Idalia Lopez-Martinez, Staff Writer

The girls golf team went into their third season with more confidence and preparation and came out nearly undefeated, losing only one game to Palo Alto. With a final league score of 8-1, the team made it to league championships for the first time and placed second in the SCVAL El Camino Division. They also made CCS as a team and placed ninth.

The girls golf team after a league game against Homestead. The team
qualified for leagues and CCS as a team the first time, and they placed
second in leagues.

Despite only playing two seasons prior to this year, girls golf improved immensely and was able to beat more seasoned teams in their league. The team struggled their first season due to several players’ inexperience with the golf—for many, it was their first time ever playing the sport in a competitive environment. However, this year players started practicing during their offseason by taking classes and familiarizing themselves with the game. This increased drive has shown real results—last year, only three girls qualified, but this year the entire team reached CCS and leagues for the first time in the team’s history.

“When everyone started, they didn’t know how to play at all [and] some of us actually rented clubs,” senior Maddie Jun said. “But [everyone] practiced a lot… over the summer and offseason and [took] lessons, … and became really familiar with [the sport]. So we went into the season a lot more prepared than we did last year, and everyone was a lot better overall.”

Team bonding played a key role in the team’s success this year. Last season, the girls on the golf team only saw each other during practices and games during the season. This year, they decided to change their strategy and bond together outside of practice.

“We get boba [and Yogurtland] together and things like that,” Maddie said. “So, [the] team morale was boosted by a lot.”

Because of their success in leagues and growth as a team, girls golf is excited to see how they improve in future years.

“I am so proud of the team,” junior Caris Kim said. ” Being a junior and seeing the team’s progress since my freshman year is incredible and gives me confidence that we will only continue to become better and better.”