Field Hockey Ties with Saratoga

The girls field hockey team tied with Saratoga at home yesterday, October 15. The Lady Eagles scored the first point early in the game but were unable to regain their lead after Saratoga scored late in the game’s second half. After neither team was able to score during overtime, the game ended with a final score of 1-1.

While the players were able to implement the techniques worked on during practice, they still had some weaknesses.

“We played with intensity throughout the game and played as a team, but our offense needs to take advantage of the numeral opportunities we had to score,” junior Marina Cunningham said. “We need to keep practicing on passing rather than dribbling through their defense.”

Strong players included senior Emma Orner and junior Nicole Atkins who “played with intensity for the entire game and did not give up,” Marina said.

The Lady Eagles’ energy and determination shone through throughout the game and had a major impact on their performance.

“[Senior] Kira Winner played the game with her injured foot and kept doing her best even if she was in pain,” Marina said. “Everyone really stepped it up.”