Girls Decide to Have Sex Because of Emotion, Beliefs

Since elementary school, girls have been criticized by adult on campus for what they wear to school. Dress codes haven forced upon students so that attire doesn’t “distract” others from their learning experiences and the “educational goals of the school.” Girls aren’t supposed to look sexy at school because it will cause boys to think about sex rather than their school work. While the stereotypical guy drools over the girl whose cleavage sticks out from that bare-belly halter top, what is girl thinking?

In today’s culture, sex appears commonplace. Teen movies portray sex as being a nonchalant part of high school, it’s what they’re expected to do. But when girls arrive at the opportunity to have sex, how do they respond?

An anonymous junior girl, who has been in a relationship for one year and four months, chose to have sex after discussing it with her partner.

“We decided that if we were sure we were in love, it should happen,” she said. “We talked about consequences. … We basically wanted to know if it would be longterm and serious. We thought about the future.”

She also talked to her stepmother to help weigh her options.

“She informed me [about the consequences and safe sex] so I wouldn’t make bad decisions,” she said. She made sure that I was ready.”

The junior said their relationship became “closer and deeper” due to sex.

For many, age isn’t the greatest concern, but rather choosing to have sex for the right reasons.

“I don’t think there’s a particular ‘age’ that makes it okay to have sex because each person differs based on their maturity level,” said and anonymous junior, who has been in a relationship for six months. “[For me] it’s not the issue of being ready enough, it’s also being safe. [Having not had sex] our relationship isn’t any better or worse. It’s not like doing that makes a relationship work.”

Regardless of actual choices girls make about having sex, it is important to weigh the options before reaching a decision.

“I don’t think sex should be regarded as something that doesn’t mean anything because it does mean something,” sophomore Emma Carr said. “It’s a really intense connection between two people, and it shouldn’t just be something you do at a party when you’re wasted.”

For many girls, sex and losing their virginity is far more than just physical. Perhaps this emotional outlook on sex is because there is the risk of getting pregnant that makes girls “worry a million times more than a guy,” according to Emma.

“[Guys] definitely can’t understand the emotional consequences,” an anonymous senior girl said. “I think they understand the ‘If I have sex without a condom, then she will get pregnant and I’ll have to deal with [all that]’ aspect.”