Girls Basketball Works to Start Out Faster

The girls basketball team has been starting games slowly, only to rebound and pull off game-winning comebacks–or at least get very close.

“We’ve had our ups and downs in each game, but it has seemed to become a trend for us not to come out at our strongest,” sophomore Meghan McDermot said.

The girls started their season with one loss each to Saratoga High School and Monta Vista High School, which have undefeated records.

“This year is definitely a year of rebuilding, and we are hoping to have a year with more wins than last year, which we already have,” Meghan said.

Last year the Eagles were 2-10 in league.

But to get even further, the team will need to work exceptionally hard.

“It comes down to how determined we are, and I think this team has the ability to have a great season,” co-captain junior Ideen Seyed said.