Girls Basketball Loses 36-46 to Saratoga

The girls basketball team was defeated 36-46 today, January 6, by Saratoga High. Although LAHS played good defense, Saratoga played aggressively by constantly shooting for baskets and never shying away from small opportunities.

Saratoga is considered the best team in the league, with a current record of 9-3.

“They played consistently throughout the game and well on defense, but they had big girls down low,” Coach Kevin Lee said. “We also stopped their outside shooters … that was our goal to stop their inside and outside game, and that would make the best match for us.”

With a packed crowd, there was high tension throughout the game. The intensity rose when the referee made a call the Saratoga coach did not agree with. After many shouts and yells, however, the crowd subsided.

Junior Ideen Seyed led the team with a total of 13 points, making 3 point shots that brought the LAHS crowd to its feet. Although the Eagles fought until the very end both offensively and defensively, their slow start in the beginning hindered them.

“We need to come out with more intensity in the first half on defense and offense and be ready to play basketball,” Lee said. “As soon as we get on the court we need to be warmed up and be ready to play.”

The team’s next game is against Monta Vista High School on Tuesday, January 10 at 7 p.m.