Girls Basketball Looks to Rebuild

The girls basketball team may be stuck on the sidelines for the moment, but it looks to get back on their feet to score some major points. Starting with a 1-4 season, the team is struggling to find a strong stride.

Whether losing the ball or committing fouls, the team forces its opponents to keep playing each game. Making mistakes is frustrating a lot of the time, but the team uses them to its advantage.

“We are improving by each game,” sophomore Kalyn Nakano said. “And despite us being a smaller team, we are learning from our mistakes.”

By learning to adapt, the team takes its mistakes to heart. By finding new weaknesses, it works to enforce the holes in their game.

“Each game we discover little things to work on all the time in practice to improve and build on,” Kalyn said.

Additionally, the girls have had to restructure their team to fill many of the positions left by seniors that graduated. Many have experience in different positions than what they currently play.

“We have a lot of girls that played point guard but have had to branch out to different positions such as forward,” junior Lauren Taylor said.

The team finds that t is important to make changes according to the different challenges presented at the moment. Moving from a man-to-man defense to a 1:3:1 defensive zone is no small feat, and they also adapt to the opposing team’s strategy. According to junior Anna Schneider, the issue does not reside in effort or talent.

“Half of our team is fairly young,” Anna said. “We are just inexperienced. We do not have a lot of height, but we make it up in quickness and tenacity.”

Regardless of the size of the other team, they always manage to put up points on the board and make each game a battle for their opponent.

With the season far from over, much of the team sees each game as a building block for the next one.

“It’s definitely a rebuilding season,” Lauren said. “We have a lot of younger players and improving for the future is our main concern.”

Improvements will always come and with more experience, the girls team only grows stronger for the oncoming competition. But looking forward, the girls hope to improve and build the program for the season to come.