Girls Basketball Defeats Homestead 47-40

The girls varsity basketball team won its third season game yesterday, January 18, beating Homestead 47-40 in an extremely close game.

LAHS was down almost the whole game, trailing by eight points in the start of the fourth quarter. When the Eagles were up 41-40 in the fourth quarter, senior Thao Tran made six free-throws after getting fouled three times.

Yesterday was a true comeback for the girls.

“We didn’t give up,” junior Ideen Seyed said. “The team got pumped up and everyone had their hearts in it, and this game meant a lot to us.”

The team’s defense made improvements by fouling less. However, it has had close games almost all season, and has a tough time getting points early in the game. The Eagles plan to take high percentage shots to get the team motivated, so they could carry their energy throughout the whole game.

“If everyone has the mentality that we want to win,” Ideen added. “I think we could win the rest of the season, and have a good chance against Saratoga.”

Saratoga, considered the best team in the league, defeated LAHS 46 – 36 on Friday, January 6 when the Eagles could not overcome their slow start. However, they have the chance to redeem themselves on Friday, January 27.

The next game is against Santa Clara at home on Tuesday, January 24 at 7 p.m.