Girls Basketball Defeats Aragon 57-55

The girls basketball team played Aragon High School in their first round of CCS playoffs yesterday, February 21. Although Aragon was the favored team, entering with a record of 18-8 to LAHS’s 13-11, the Eagles won 57-55.

Although notorious for being a “fourth-quarter team,” the Lady Eagles were ready to play the entire game against Aragon. They got off to a fast start and kept pace with Aragon, ending the first half of the game 24-23 in their favor and kept it through the fourth quarter.

Captain senior Lauren Amorese led the game with 23 points, followed by junior Ideen Seyed with 14.

“The second half of our league season I think we’ve shown that we can come out a lot stronger, and this time we just really wanted to win,” Lauren said.

The game had an exceptional amount of fouls (10 for each team), with Ideen being fouled out of the game near the end of the third quarter. The majority of the calls came in the second half.

“As we started getting a little more tired we fouled, which cost us in free throws,” sophomore Meghan McDermot said.

The game was close all the way up to the end, with both teams trying to wear the other down. LAHS, however, contained Aragon’s best players and set the tempo of the game.

The Eagles will be playing Pioneer High School at Pioneer on Thursday, February 23 at 7 p.m. in the second round of CCS playoffs.