Giants: Writer Grades Team on Performance

Writer Jordan Stout grades the Giants for the team’s stellar performance against the Tigers earlier tonight, October 24.

Grade: A
Comments: Yes this seems biased. But after beating teams like the Detroit Tigers by five, the Giants have to get this kind of grade. The hitting was single-handedly responsible for putting the best pitcher the AL could offer on the bench, helped in large part by Pablo Sandoval. Barry Zito and Tim Lincecum formed an impenetrable wall of pitching, although the 9th inning performance of George Kantos was questionable. The defense made no significant errors and played up to their potential.

Grade: C+
Comments: The pitching was nowhere near the caliber delivered against the New York Yankees. Justin Verlander seemed off his game and the relief was ineffective throughout the game. The offense performed as expected, as did the defense. The coaching seemed flustered after they were forced to take Verlander out of the game; also, they used many pinch runners and hitters who were often ineffective.