Giants: Third Statistics Report

Throughout the Giants’ battle for the title, Talon writer James Brewer plans to look at the weird statistics that arise from the games. Some may be pitch counts, some may be records, and some may just be wacky.

Gregor Blanco’s triple is his second of this postseason and his fifth RBI. It just goes to show how well Blanco is doing this postseason. He wasn’t hot coming into the postseason, but has really heated up and brought a lot of production for the left field spot.

Ryan Vogelson–who is credited with the win tonight–is the second Major League player in history from Kutztown University. There have been 19 players drafted from the university. The only other player to make it to the majors was Harry Hoch, also a pitcher. Hoch made his major league debut in 1908, and Vogelson debuted 99 years later on September 7, 2007, for the Giants.

This is the first time in history that two Hank Aaron Award winners have met in the World Series. Miguel Cabrera and Buster Posey each won the award for offensive performance in their respective leagues. It’s interesting that this is the first time two award winners have made it to the World Series; one would think that the two best offensive performers in the league would make it to the World Series fairly frequently.