Giants: Statistics Report

Throughout the Giants’ battle for the title, Talon writer James Brewer plans to look at the weird statistics that arise from the games. Some may be pitch counts, some may be records, and some may just be wacky.

There have been 192 hits in the majors this year in an 0-2 count, and none have been off Justin Verlander. Pablo Sandoval’s homer tonight was the first first hit on Verlander this year in an 0-2 count. This is a sign of true skill. Nobody in the majors could touch Verlander all season, and Sandoval did it in style. Not only did he hit the ball, he crushed it. In fact, in Pablo’s first three at bats against Verlander he has gotten a hit, all of which were extra base hits covering eleven total bases.

Miguel Cabrera is 2-8 lifetime versus Barry Zito, Prince Fielder is 3-18. It just goes to show that Zito owns the Tigers’ two most dangerous hitters, a clear reason why he only gave up one run.

After tonight, Zito is 2-5 with an RBI in postseason at bats.

Pablo Sandoval is the fourth player to have three home runs in one game in a world series and he is only the second player to have three homers at AT&T park. The first happened on AT&T park’s inaugural game. AT&T is one of the hardest places to hit home runs, and to do it against the “best” pitcher in the majors could put Sandoval’s performance up their with some of the best of them. Whether or not he becomes World Series MVP, he’s sure off to an incredible start.