Giants: Second Statistic Report

Throughout the Giants’ battle for the title, Talon writer James Brewer plans to look at the weird statistics that arise from the games. Some may be pitch counts, some may be records, and some may just be wacky.

Tigers pitcher Doug Fister’s pitch count of 114 pitches today, October 25, is the second highest he has had in 2012, behind his 117 pitches against Minnesota. This is an incredible outing, especially considering he was smacked in the head by a line drive midway through the game. That is serious commitment and perseverance.

No RBI was awarded to Brandon Crawford as his hit set up a double play. However, Fister was awarded an earned run because he allowed Pence to get on first base before exiting the game. This gave him the loss.

Madison Bumgarner had a career high eight strikeouts in a postseason game.

Because of Angel Pagan’s steal, Taco Bell will give away a free taco to everyone in the country on October 30th from 2 PM to 6 PM. Pagan not only steals for the Giants but for America: he’s a true hero.