Giants: Rubric of Team’s Performance on October 27

Writer Jordan Stout grades the Giants for the team’s performance against the Tigers earlier tonight, October 27.


Grade: A-

Comments: The Giants are able to take this lead riding purely on defense and pitching. Offensively, the Giants struggled and were only helped in the 2nd inning by Pence’s steal and Chavez’s wild pitch. The triple by Blanco cannot be undervalued nor can the RBI by Crawford and that is why the Giants’ hitting is not a lower grade. Defensively, the fielders got Vogelsong out of quite a few jams with huge double plays. Vogelsong, Lincecum, and Romo made for a great night of pitching, and though there were few strikeouts, they came when they were most needed.


Grade: B

Comments: The offense has to get rolling. No team can have any hope of winning if they can’t score any runs. The Tigers have now been shut out twice in a row. Clutch hits, especially when the bases are loaded and the best hitter in the league is up to bat, must be made. Defensively play was average with few chances to save the game. On the pitching side Chavez did well apart from his fateful 2nd inning.