Giants: Rubric of Team’s Performance on October 25

Writer Jordan Stout grades the Giants for the team’s performance against the Tigers earlier tonight, October 25.


Grade: A-

Comments: The pitching prowess of the Giants cannot be denied. Shutting out the Detroit Tigers is no small feat and is very worthy of an A grade. The hitting was exactly what it needed to be but very little more. Going into Detroit will only make it harder for the Giants to get on base, and they will need more offensive production to take at least one win from being on the road. The defense was solid, which zero errors and zero runs can vouch for.


Grade: B

Comments: Last game it was the pitching and this game it was the hitting. Only Omar Infante and Delmon Young got hits for the Detroit Tigers leaving them with no real opportunities to win. The defense and pitching was solid making no errors and making the plays they could with efficiency. To come back in this series Detroit will have to get their hitting and their pitching to work in sequence, which will only get harder as the the aces of the San Francisco bullpen come to the plate.