Giants: Fourth Statistics Report

Throughout the Giants’ battle for the title, Talon writer James Brewer looks at the weird statistics that arise from the games. Some may be pitch counts, some may be records, and some may just be wacky.

Matt Cain was the starting pitcher when the Giants clinched the last two series. Only two pitchers in all time have clinched three series in a row.

Brandon Crawford has only faced Max Scherzer once and he took him deep. Pablo Sandoval also has a home run against Scherzer. Marco Scutaro has four hits in nine at bats. In short, most of the Giants have faced Scherzer and produced against him.

Scherzer has heterochromia iridum, which means that he has two different eye colors. His left is brown while his right is blue. Scherzer’s bobblehead promotion portrayed each eye with its correct color. Scherzer embraces the trait, and the genetic trait is not known to help or harm eyesight.

Sandoval gets his first World Series MVP, and the GIANTS WIN!!!!!!