Giants: A Non-Fan’s Take on the World Series

During the month of October, a wave of excitement over the World Series passed over the school. People wore Giants apparel, debated on the happenings of the previous game and constantly asked for the score of the latest game. During October, all conversations inevitably lead to discussing the Giants and the team’s chances of winning the World Series.

I’m not against this. I myself used to live near Boston, in a community where everyone supported the Red Sox almost religiously. I especially recall 2004, the year when the Red Sox finally beat the Yankees to make it to their first World Series in 20 years. I remember the joy and elation that everyone felt when the Red Sox swept the Cardinals 4-0 to win the World Series for the first time in 86 years. I remember cheering and screaming, “The curse reversed!” with all of my friends.

However, since moving to California, I’ve lost interest in the Red Sox and baseball. Now I see the World Series from a different perspective, from that of a non-fan.

To the non-fan, the World Series is fairly overwhelming. The constant talk of the Giants, the Facebook posts from those at the stadium watching the game, and most of all, the abundance of Giants items creates a shock of orange and black and baseball talk that is everywhere you look.

Even though the craze over the Giants during the World Series is definitely overwhelming at first, it’s fun to just go along with it, to casually pay attention to the scores and observe the changes that your baseball-loving friends undergo as they support their team.