Gallery: School Decorated for Homecoming

Many clubs have decorated hallways around the campus in accordance with the British theme of Homecoming Week. From the dog cutouts on the auditorium steps to the Dr. Who telephone booth, the decorations are prominent on many parts of the campus.

“The amount of hard work we put into them touches my heart,” Senior Class President John Lee said. “All these clubs came to decorate, too. I hope that people at our school will also be touched in their hearts and spirited.”

The school announced the best decorations during the rally today. The school deemed the decor of the Asian Student Union as the most creative, while the Freshman Class, Art Club, and the dance team won first, second and third places, respectively.

“Personally, my favorite hallways were [those of] a Cup to Cure Cancer and the dance team,” ASB secretary junior Alec Aaron said. “But I thought there were a lot of other outstanding hallways this year, and I look forward to the rest of the Homecoming Week festivities including the parade.”

[Photos by Ciera Pasturel]