GAFE implementation update


This year, the school is implementing Google Apps For Education (GAFE), a cloud-based assignment and classroom management system. Along with the Bring Your Own Device program which began last year, it is intended to enhance classroom learning by improving organization and accessibility.
GAFE has faced only minimal technical issues, although teachers say that certain features of the system could be improved.
“There are aspects of the functionality of [Google] Classroom that teachers have identified that could be improved,” Assistant Principal Galen Rosenberg said. “I think [Google] will take feedback from us on what is working and what is not working.”
The school plans on improving the current system throughout the year.
“This year is still very much a learning [and] experimentation year,” Rosenberg said. “With this kind of cloud-based technology, we are going to be in a perpetual experimentation [and] learning mode.”
The program gives students the opportunity to learn skills that can be applied outside of high school.
“[There is a] benefit in knowing how to interact digitally and organize materials,” Rosenberg said. “Learning how to do this in high school is [valuable] in itself.”