Fugitive Offers Criminal Fun

Dodging passing cars, jaywalking the streets of First and Main and diving into ivy bushes, you are Los Altos Police Department’s (LAPD) most-wanted criminal, lethal and virtually undetectable—until you’re spotted and lose the game. Fugitive, a social game played on the streets of Los Altos, is an adrenaline-pumping, cutthroat race to the finish.

Fugitive is usually played on a weekend night. First, 15 or more friends meet in a parking lot, the starting location for the game. Usually 8 p.m. is the optimal time to play—dark enough to challenge players yet early enough to meet the Los Altos curfew.

Make sure at least two participants have a car accessible to drive. In Fugitive, these “spotters” will try to seek out “runners,” the other participants who will traverse Los Altos undiscovered to an ending destination.

A starting location should not be too distant, but far enough to allow the runners to get crafty. Back roads and secret pathways can really spice up a game. Safeway and Hillview Community Center are examples of ending locations that have been used in the past by students.

Once two spotters have volunteered and the game has been organized, runners are allowed a two-minute head start to run toward their destination, as spotters eagerly rev up their engines back in the parking lot.

After two minutes, the spotters are turned loose and begin to scout the streets to find runners. If caught, the spotters call out runners’ names and they have lost the game. The criminal who makes it to the destination unscathed wins.

Fugitive can be a great way to spend time with friends during weekend nights.
“It’s a really good way to meet new people,” junior Chris Beyer said. “It’s a safe way to interact with other high school students.”